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Moving-Map Topos using DeLorme on a Windows tablet

(most people now use Avenza on iOS)
How-to summary
- Get a Tablet-PC with WinXP or Windows 7 (no home version).  If buying new, then get the most powerful processor possible  (ULV or energy saving processors are ok if i3, i5 or i7). 
- Clam-shell laptops work, but interfere with the yoke and are not recommended for the cockpit
- Software: Delorme Topo 8 (cheap, easy, street names and more coverage), Delorme XMap Pro (same as Topo w/better import including ESRI .shp GIS), Maptech (each state & street names cost extra)
- Auto/airline charger for the Tablet PC, or 12/24v->120v inverter, or sometime batteries will last
- GPS: USB is most reliable (no batteries), Bluetooth works most of the time, but not always (requires batteries/recharging). Serial is the old way (requires batteries/recharging).
- Play with the software on the gorund.  3D terrain modeling is fun on the ground, but we haven't used it in flight
- Install all Topo software and map data to a local hard disk
- Before starting plug in the USB GPS or pair your Bluetooth wireless
- Start the software and it will normally auto-sense the USB GPS.  If not, figure it out.  (DeLorme Earthmate with Maptech requires DeLormes serial emulator download)
- I prefer having the Tablet PC sit on the ATGS lap within sight of the pilot.  If they are not using it, then I slide it over to me.
- Go straight over smokey conditions in non distinguished county to a road or local named spot.
- Situational awareness shows exactly where you are, and  itis always oriented to your direction
- Zoom in and out instantly.  See the big picture and ground details all at once
- Know all of the roads names, creeks, mountains, valleys, cabins and everything else like you live there
- On smokey days when the ground is barely visible, you can still fly right along the dozer line depicted on the moving-map topo, and identify slop-overs & spot fire by the smoke column bursting through the undercast.
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