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Fire Polygons

Moving-Map Topo packages allow for drawing polygons (fire perimeters).  Use this feature to quickly calculate a fires acerage, and show others the perimeter by transmiting it to the ground.
How-to draw a fire quickly inn DeLorme (Both Topo & XMap work the same for this function)
1- With DeLorme Topos or XMap already started touch or click the Draw Tab along the bottom
2- Touch/click the polygon draw tool button (#2) in the Tools palette at the far left (1st column, 2nd down)
3- On the topos quickly touch 4 aproximate corner points.  Quickly: bop - bop - bop - bop (clicks are a single touch of the stylus).
4- Immediately click the the Arrow at the bottom right of the Polygon tool (#4).
5- To adjust the fire edges to be accurate: Touch/Click and hold any line or corner of your drawing.  Drag the edge or the corner in the direction desired.  Repeat until fire drawing is exact or close enough. Notice the fire size is being continually displayed next to the polygon
Save as Google Earth KML (XMap only)
6- Touch/click File (#6) and a list of drawings appears
7. The last drawing is already highlighted, so click Copy To on the far right side 
8. Choose GIS Layer, and then choose New Layer
9. A new dialogue box appears. Choose Database at botom of box, and then select DeLormeSampleDB - (LOCAL)XMap7. Click Next
10. Back on the list of drawing click Done to put this screen away
11. Click the GIS tab and then click Layers
12. Select Export
13. A new dialogue box opens. Choose Save as Type field
14. Select OGC KML File (this is a Google Earth file), enter the File name if needed, remember it and then Save
15- Save it.  Ctrl - S if you have a keyboard.  Or, touch/click Map Data tab, on the far right of the screen touch/click File - Save.  Name it or take the default name and Save.

16. Attach Keyspan USB-Serial adapter to Tablet and Plane’s serial port. If not already done

17. Downsize XMap. Go to Start menu in bottom left. Choose Latitude Messenger in the menu

18. See your just saved .KML file.  Drag and Drop it on to the bottom half of the Latitude Messenger

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